17.03.21: ‘Bubble’ Brothers work their Magic

Exmouth in Bloom maintains a display facing the seafront in Alexandra Terrace. It is kindly sponsored by Thompson Jenner Accountants and contains a  lovely stone bird bath, given to Exmouth in Bloom by wonderful supporters, past Mayor of Exmouth, Brian ... Read more »

14.03.21: Flowers ‘at work’!

Lots of ‘Works’ going on in Exmouth at the mo with seafront defences still being constructed. There are barriers, diggers, dump trucks, traffic cones and diversions everywhere, but the flowers continue to  look lovely in the midst of it all, ... Read more »

02.03.21: Who needs a haircut?

Hairdressing salons may be closed, due to the current  lockdown restrictions at the moment,  but  out Stipa Tenuissima (Pony tail grasses) got a’ hair cut’ today,  along with the Miscanthus and some of our summer flowering shrubs in the Station ... Read more »

01.03.21: Praise worth a million!

We often say we get paid in ‘Praise’. This was a bonus pay day…… posted on the Exmouth Community UK  Facebook  page. Thank you for these lovely words and all the associated comments  and ‘likes’. We volunteers feel like ... Read more »