Who we are


The Committee comprises up to 16 of our Volunteers.

Exmouth in Bloom volunteers create, develop and maintain floral displays in and around the town, that aim to enhance our surroundings and bring  joy to residents and visitors alike.

We enlist help from the wider community to create a better environment for us all.

We ask you to consider:

  • Improving your front garden
  • Encouraging your neighbours to improve their gardens
  • Starting a Community Gardening project
  • Putting up a hanging basket
  • Picking up any litter outside your property
  • Removing any weeds by hand from outside your property
  • Helping Exmouth in Bloom with fundraising
  • Joining us as a Volunteer
  • Taking part in the Exmouth in Bloom Local Gardening Competitions

A guide to our Yearly Programme

Planning for the year ahead.                                                                                                        Liasing with Brownies and Rainbows/ local schools re. SW in Bloom Painting Competition


Identifying It’s Your Neighbourhood entries                                                                            Fundraising Quiz night
‘Friends’ Winter/Spring Newsletter (1) and renewal forms prepared.

South West in Bloom Spring Seminar                                                                                        Cut back/prune Caryopteris, Stipas, Miscanthus, Dogwoods and Buddlieas.
Grow on plants for sale at EiB fundraising stalls.
Approach local businesses for calendar sponsorship and for baskets/troughs sponsorship.
Annual launch of Friends of Exmouth in Bloom scheme
Liaise with schools re. summer planting events.


Book Coffee Morning fundraisers at Littlemead Church
Order hanging baskets and troughs.
Order Winter bedding
Discuss designs for EiB bed in Manor Gardens (if appropriate).
Prepare Calendar for printing


Launch of Calendar sales                                                                                                              Removal of winter bedding and preparation of displays for summer planting
Painting and renovation of Boats and Planters etc.
Planting of Summer bedding                                                                                                      Organisation and launch of Local Gardening Competition


Armed Forces Day and Transplant Awareness Day stalls
Installing hanging baskets and troughs                                                                      Installation of Flags for the summer months.

Production and printing of Portfolio illustrating the year’s work
Preparation for South West in Bloom judging.                                                                  ‘Friends’ Summer Newsletter (2) delivered.

South West in Bloom judging for our town category
Judging of Local Gardening Competition entries

Notification of prize winners in Local Gardening Competition
Organising Awards/Celebration evening
Exmouth in Bloom Volunteers Summer outing

Removal of summer bedding and displays.                                                                            Preparation for new  seasonal planting


Removal of hanging baskets and seasonal planters
South West in Bloom Presentation of Awards
EiB Awards/Celebration Presentation evening.
Bulb planting
Order bedding plants for next Summer
Stall at Exmouth Carnival Fun Day                                                                                    ‘Friends’ Autumn Newsletter (3)  delivered.

Exmouth Town Christmas events /stalls/Coffee morning

Exmouth Town Christmas events / stalls                                                                              Coffee morning at Littlemead Church
EiB volunteers Christmas Celebration Meal

All year round 

General maintenance continues throughout the year.                                                            Monthly Committee meetings and regular meetings with EDDC and ETC                Producing items, eg preserves, crafts, cakes and seasonal goods for sale.
Fundraising stalls, Coffee Mornings, Community organised events
Power point talks to local groups about our work.
Twice-monthly social workparties (usually second and last Sundays of the month)
Pop up workparties as required at other times
Monthly Stall at the Repair café, Littlemead Methodist Church.
Keeping photographic records of work
Recruitment of volunteers/ keeping volunteers updated
Seeking ‘Friends’ supporters and finding sponsors from within the Community.
Participating in Beach and Street Cleaning events.                                                          Maintenance and updating of 2 Noticeboards in town.                                                 Maintenance of Social Media sites

The Committee:

Mrs Gerry Bassett

Mrs Marion Drew


Mrs. Alison Hammond-Hall

Mr John Drew

Horticultural advisor
Mr Graham Bell

Additional Committee Members
Mrs Elaine Lewis,  Mr Richard Lewis,  Mrs Sheila Saville,  Mrs Carol Rowe, Mr William Lodge, Mrs Barbara Lodge,  Mrs Sandie Cox, Mrs Gillian Newcombe, Mrs Anne Hall, Mrs Linda Dennis,  Councillor Steve Gazzard (Town Council representative)