16.10.20 We share the Wavy bed flowers with the community.

Although we have recycled many of the plants for our own use, last week we advertised on the ‘Exmouth Community’ and ‘Garden Friends East Devon’ Facebook pages that anyone interested could come and pick up some of the wonderful Orange and Magenta Pinto geraniums from the big Wavy bed and the Spirit of the Exe boat when we cleared ready for the winter planting at the weekend.

We are pleased that so many arrived and went away happy!  Although these were free of charge many people popped donations in the bucket by way of a thank you, which was much appreciated.

Lots of locals came to pick up plants.

(Sorry, this one not in focus!)

Three of the hard-working team!

All looking ship shape…… and Jackie does the final inspection!

…and Spirit of the Exe…..

Just a few geraniums left over all ready to be collected.