Volunteers and guests meet the Judges for a buffet lunch.

While Richard and Jim were busy on the tour of Exmouth,  some of the volunteers were last minute litter picking, but Gerry and her catering team…Sharon, Carol, Jenny, Sheila and Sandie were all busy preparing a buffet for nearly 90 people who have played important roles in Exmouth in Bloom’s success this year.  There was a display  illustrating our  work and awards throughout the year, along with our Portfolio for all to read.

A welcoming party and the Town Crier greeted the returning judges. During the lunch, a presentation was made to Sue Atkinson, our 100th ‘Friend’ for 2019 and copies of the Portfolio were given to EDDC and Exmouth Town Council representatives. EiB Chairman, Gerry Bassett thanked Sun Lodge and all the guests for the support, effort and help they have given Exmouth in Bloom during the year. Richard and Jim then expressed their thanks for our  hospitality and for an excellently organised day. It has been our pleasure to have them visit us.