20.02.20 The Waterwheel Pond gets a clean and spruce up before the frogs spawn.

The Waterwheel got our attention this week. Our pond expert Liz, who valiantly looks after the pond in all seasons, got her wellies on and with a little net scooped out all the dead leaves, putting them on the side for the night so that any mini creatures could find their way back into the water. It is all looking lovely now and we know that frogs are hiding in there and preparing to spawn.

Earlier in the day EDDC had discovered three pallets full of sprouting tete a tete bulbs and some Heucheras in one of their compounds and offered them to us. These had been dried off from the seafront beds last year.   Neil and his team thankfully delivered them to us on site, so we gave them a chance in the Waterwheel area and at the back of The Strand seating. Wrong time of year for bulb planting we know Рbut they at least have a chance.

Good work Team Blue!