Swan update: Fixed and looking wonderful again!

Peter Riggs who lives in Imperial Road and who is a supporter of Exmouth in Bloom was starting his morning run  at 5 am last Monday morning and was stopped in his tracks by the sight of the Swan’s head lying outside Haldon House Surgery. He passed the head to Graham Bell, designer of the original project, who was able to get the initial damage repaired and repainted. Steve Satchell, an amazing local man  who saw the report of the damage on Social media, also offered help. Working at MS Marine in Exmouth, his expertise is mending fibreglass boats, so he  had all the equipment, know-how and skill to  fix the head back on. Exmouth in Bloom thank him most sincerely for giving us his time today and for making passers by so happy that Sammy the Swan is mended.

  A good amount of Epoxy resin

         Put the head on. Clean off the residue. Smooth it all down.

 The touch of ‘Good Luck’ and ‘I’m glad you are better Sammy’ from  passers-by.


A fibreglass collar for extra re-inforcement.






Heros of the day…..Graham Bell, Peter Riggs and Steve Satchell.


It’s truly amazing that in less than a week since  the vandals decapitated the Swan it has already has been restored to its former glory.  Thank you to everyone for your good wishes and support for getting the Swan mended.