This is Heading 1

This is Heading 2

This is Heading 3

This is Heading 4

This is Heading 5
This is Heading 6

This is Heading 1 with ‘Blue-text’ from the ‘Formats’ dropdown

The main paragraph style text looks like this.

If you wanted to use a sans-serif style text the use the normal paragraph style and format it with ‘sans text’ from the ‘Formats’ dropdown.

To style the introductory paragraph use ‘Heading 3’ and then format with ‘Blue-intro’ from the ‘Formats’ dropdown.


Subhead to a paragraph

To do a text sized subhead without any space below (as above). Style as a ‘Heading 6’. Although it looks too s=mall and black in this ‘visual editor’ once you ‘Preview Changes’ or ‘Update’ and view the page it will appear as a blue subhead with no space below.