(Part 1) New Magnolia Centre planters.

The five old wooden planters in the Magnolia Centre have been replaced with three fabulous, imitation wood, reservoir planters, made from low/no maintenance recycled plastic resin. EDDC have generously provided the planters for Exmouth in Bloom to take over, plant up and maintain. A few hardy committee members emptied the plants out of the old planters at 7.30 am on a very cold and frosty morning, almost before it was light.  The Streetscene team arrived soon after and the whole transfer took place. Ethan arrived with the order of compost etc from ‘Kings’ to fill the new planters and were all finished by 12.30 pm. A really satisfying and logistically well-planned morning. Huge thanks to Simon, Andy and Paul for their great work and help.

(read Part 2 for News of the old planters)