Local Gardening Competition 2016

Exmouth in Bloom Gardening Competitions 2016

2016’s  competition was launched on May 26th at Tythe Cottage, the winner of the 2015 Business Premises class. The proprietors Steve and Kerry Munday are pictured with Mervyn Jackson (overall winner in 2015) and Mr and Mrs Arthur Kellaway (winners of the Recycled Items class) together with members of Exmouth in Bloom.

Garden competition launch

Judging took place in July 2016.  Thank you to all the entrants, and to the judges for their time and expertise.  There were many positive and enthusiastic comments from judges such as a ‘A really beautiful display’, ‘A superb garden’, ‘Visually pleasing’, and scoring was very close for many categories.  Congratulations to all the winners.

The results are as follows:

Overall winner:  Littleham C of E Primary School

Best School Garden:
Keen to encourage the children, Kings Garden & Leisure Ltd generously award a box of gardening accessories and seeds for every school that enters the competition
1st place:   Littleham C of E Primary School
2nd place:  Bassett’s Farm Primary School and Marpool School

Best Container:
1st place:  S Reader and M North, Rose Cottage, Westdown Farm
2nd Place:  Mr and Mrs A and K Kellaway,  Liverton Close

Best Hanging Basket:
1st place:   Exmouth House, Long Causeway
2nd place:  S Reader and M North, Rose Cottage, Westdown Farm

Best use of Recycled Items:
1st place:  Mr and Mrs A and K Kellaway, Liverton Close
2nd place: Exmouth House, 12 Long Causeway

Best Vegetable Plot:
1st place:  Littleham C of E Primary School
2nd place: Bill Stephens, Allotment 189B

Best Front Garden Small:
1st place:   June Chapman, Marpool Hill
2nd place:  Mrs Ann Holman, Camperdown Terrace

Best Front Garden Medium:
1st place:  Sue Goulding, St Andrews Road
2nd place: Kate and Lydia Phillips, St Andrews Road

Best Front Garden Large:
1st place:  Mr Michael Ward, Rodney Close
2nd place: Tricia Bass, The Marles

Best Rear Garden under 15ft:
1st place:  Mr and Mrs. A and K Kellaway, Liverton Close

Best Rear Garden over 15 ft:
1st place:   Tricia Bass, The Marles
2nd place:  Kate Waddams, Moorfield Road

Best Wildlife Friendly Garden:
Karen Turner at Birds and Bees in Exeter Road sponsors the Wildlife Friendly Garden category. Exmouth in Bloom is most grateful for this sponsorship
1st place:   Bassett’s Farm Primary School
2nd place:  Chris Strong, 162 Exeter Road, EX8 3DZ

Best Business Premises:
1st place:   Cats Motel, Bapton Lane
2nd place:  Tythe Cottage, Littleham Village

Best Community Effort:
1st place:   Aldorough Court
2nd place:  The Quay Greenfingers Group

Best Hotel Garden:
1st place:  The Grand Hotel, Morton Crescent
2nd place: The Manor Hotel, The Beacon

The schools received their prizes at Kings Garden & Leisure Ltd in September.  The other winners and runners-up were invited to the presentation evening in October which followed the South West in Bloom Regional Awards (Gold) and the Britain in Bloom National Awards (Silver Gilt). Both the regional and national judges take a keen interest in community initiatives such as this.

Littleham School vegetable garden

Littleham School

Bassetts Farm School vegetables

Bassetts Farm School

Mr Arthur Anderson in the garden of Aldborough Court

Mr Arthur Anderson, Aldborough Court

Mr Arthur Kellaway with recycled planters

Mr Arthur Kellaway

Mrs Hayley Taylor in the garden of Cats Motel

Mrs Hayley Taylor, Cats Motel