Judging Day 2019 with Richard Budge and Jim Collins….what a day!

South West in Bloom Judges, Richard Budge and Jim Collins came to

Exmouth on Monday 15th July to be greeted by representatives from all over Exmouth including Mayor  Councillor Steve Gazzard.

The Town Crier started the proceedings by ringing his bell and welcoming

everyone. The tour included Manor Gardens, The Maer, Marpool School,

Devon Wildlife Garden, Hamilton Road Allotments and a tour of the

Station and Strand areas. Along the way we met representatives from

Clean Streets and Clean Beach Exmouth and The Exmouth Tree Project, and

people from the Lambeth Walk local community project, the Swan Project

and from the Renovation of the underpass.

EDDC and Town Council representatives spoke about the Water Wheel and

The War Memorial, plus  we were treated to a ride on the big wheel to

view Exmouth from the ‘air’.

The Judging criteria has three sections, Horticulture, Community and

Environment so our entry this year has been targeted in these areas.

After a buffet lunch, where Richard presented a certificate to Sue Atkinson, our 100th Friend of Exmouth in Bloom for 2019,  the judges were taken to assess 6 more ‘Its Your Neighbourhood’ projects  before heading off up the M5 to do more judging the following day.

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers and Council employees who  have

worked so tirelessly to make our town look so wonderful.  We are

crossing our fingers for a GOLD again.

Here is a photo tour of the judging route!