20.10.22: IYNs and Local Gardens are honoured with Awards.

Exmouth in Bloom held its annual Presentation Evening on 20th October, with over 80 people attending  to receive awards for South West in Bloom  and  the Local gardening Competition.

The Town Crier opened proceedings, before Exmouth in Bloom Chairman Gerry Bassett  welcomed  everyone.

South West in Bloom judge Paul Collier and retired judge Christine Fraser, presented the ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ awards as follows.

Bystock Pools and Mindfulness Trail  Level 5 OUTSTANDING.

Community Gardening Hub ( Pound Lane Allotments) OUTSTANDING.

Kingston Road Community OUTSTANDING.

Lambeth Walk Local Community Project OUTSTANDING.

Littleham C of E  Primary School OUTSTANDING.

Madeira Bowling Club OUTSTANDING.

Manor Lodge Care Home Level 4 THRIVING.

Plastic Free Exmouth OUTSTANDING.


Scott Drive Church Garden OUTSTANDING.

Summerleaze Care Home level 4 THRIVING.

The Swan Project  OUTSTANDING.

The Waterwheel OUTSTANDING.

Many congratulations to them all.


Jeff Trail  B.E.M. spoke to congratulate the community of Exmouth, on behalf of Devon County Council, for working together to achieve  such meritorious  Britain in Bloom  competition results and went on,  along with Councillor Richard Scott and Councillor Steve Gazzard, to  award  the  prizes  for the Local Gardening  Competition. Results as follows.

Class 1. Hanging Baskets and containers:

Silver: Annie Urquiza

Silver Gilt: Doug Clarke, Paul Smith, Ann Holman,  Elaine Tant

Gold: Clive and Lynne Pearcey, Manor Lodge,  Chris Emms Class Winner: Sally Rich. 


Class 2. Edible hanging basket, container or border.

Highly commended: Doug Clarke.

Silver: Annie Urquiza.

Gold and Class Winner: Scott Drive Church Garden.


Class 3. Front Garden up to 4m

Silver: Annie Urquiza, Les Wheeler.

Silver Gilt: Eddie Drinkall, Lynn Cook.

Gold: Clive and Lynne Pearcey, Maggie Webb, Ann Holman,  Chris Emms, Penny Abbott, Jenny Brown, Class Winner: Steve Dombkowski



Class 4. Front Gardens  over 4m

Silver Gilt: Ann and Bob Coole

Gold: Chris Strong, Doug Clarke, Elaine Tant, Marilyn Holman, Percy Jenkin

Class Winner: Sally Rich.


Class 5: With Wildlife in Mind.

Gold: Annie Urquiza,  Chris Strong,  Sally Rich

Class Winner: Ann and Bob Coole.



Class 6: Display  in an Unusual  Recycled Item.

Silver: Annie Urquiza

Silver Gilt: Scott Drive Church.

Gold: Cat’s Motel, Strand Inn.

Class Winner: Bicton Inn and Immediate area



Class 7: Business Premises.

Highly Commended: Strand Inn.

Gold: Cat’s Motel.

Class Winner: Bicton Inn



Class 8:  Residential Homes.

Gold: Manor Lodge Care Home

Class Winner: Summerleaze Care Home.


Class 9: Community Effort.

Silver Gilt: Scott Drive Church.

Gold: Bicton Inn, the Rope Walk

Class Winner: Madeira Bowling Club



WE were honoured that Keith Graham, husband of EiB’s late President Pat, presented the overall winners prizes.

Overall Runner-up: The Bicton Inn and Immediate area.

Overall Winner: Sally Rich

Exmouth Mayor, Councillor Steve Gazzard  ended proceedings by congratulating all the award winners and thanked Exmouth in Bloom for an excellent evening.  He  also praised the whole community  for working together to help maintain Exmouth as ‘The Town of Flowers’.

Class winners with Keith Graham, Jeff Trail  and  Mayor Steve Gazzard.