Exmouth in Bloom Portfolio 2017

Each year Exmouth in Bloom put together a portfolio of 30 pages for the South West in Bloom judges. The portfolio gives us an excellent opportunity to show the judges our year round activities, projects and achievements.  It also highlights our involvement with local community  groups and how we raise the finance to pay for floral displays, compost and watering in Exmouth.

None of the work we do would happen without our wonderful community.  Thank you all for your lovely comments and your practical and financial support.  It certainly surprises us how much a small group can achieve of help keep Exmouth floral, colourful and welcoming for our local residents and visitors.  You will often see us, in our blue shirts, taking lots of photographs for the portfolio.

The portfolio was put together by Linda Dennis, the Friends Group Secretary. We hope you enjoy reading a year with Exmouth in Bloom.

Click this link to view the Portfolio:  Portfolio 2017


Gerry Bassett