25.10.20 Bio-warfare on evil Vine Weevils

A Vine Weevil’s very favourite meal is a lovely lush polyanthus! Last year we lost over a hundred polys. before we realised that the plant tops came off in our hands like saucepan lids, where they had been eaten off at ground level. So this year having soaked  the soil before planting day and with some wet weather forecast for a good few days to come, we decided to attack the evil Vine Weevils that are probably lurking in our planters and beds ready to strike, by watering in special Nematodes…specific for the job… which love nothing more than a juicy Vine Weevil to eat.

Sounds gruesome I know but hopefully will be worth the investment!

Nature raw in tooth and claw!

Fill a watering can and stir in a soup of Nematodes.

Water the plants, keep the soil wet for a week or so and cross your fingers!