9.12.21: Sharon’s Super Preserves Bonanza.

After the Xmas Fayre, our last fundraising stall of 2021, on 4th December, Sharon has totted up the number of preserves that she and our volunteers have made this year. Their efforts have been absolutely phenomenal!

Using re-cycled jars and home grown produce, donated by friends, neighbours and members of the community, Sharon and her team have made an amazing 563 jars of Marmalade, Jam, Chutney (and Pickled Onions) and have sold 474 jars. This has generated  an astonishing income of £1042.40. WOW!

There are just 89 jars left to start us off in January 2022 when we return to the monthly Repair Cafes. Our Table Top Stalls will re-commence in April/May.

Sharon in Xmas mode

Sandie in charge of the selling Preserves at the Xmas Fayre.