6.12.21. 300 Trees planted at Liverton Copse.

A great end to National Tree Week

Yesterday Amanda Bealing from The Woodland Trust, Contractor-in-charge Toby Taylor and Simon Pardoe from Exmouth Tree Project were joined by volunteers from Exmouth in Bloom, Exmouth Wildlife Group and Transition Exmouth  and some keen individuals who responded to advertisements for help on Facebook and Twitter, to plant 300 trees in Liverton Copse, off Dinan Way Exmouth. The Copse has suffered serious Ash die-back in recent years so we have replaced those lost trees with’whips’ that are a couple of years old. There were about 20 each of Sweet Chestnut, Wild Cherry, Sessile Oak, Rowan, Spindle, Silver Birch, Small leaved Lime, Crab Apple, Hawthorn, Goat Willow, Alder, Hazel, Elder, Blackthorn and Buckthorn. What a show they will give in future years and  they will provide food for pollinators, birds and small mammals in the not too distant future.

All done in just a few hours. The power of working together!

Amanda and Simon do a quick count.

We are given  a planting demo!

Take your pick and off you go!

Only a few left to go!