6.11.21: Marine Way bank to say EXMOUTH IN BLOOM in Daffodils this Spring.

You may have read the news item from 7.5.21 Writing in Daffodils.  The Marine Way bank was cut and raked a few weeks ago by Exmouth Town Council and  the word EXMOUTH was marked out early last week. Today a volunteer team of 14 was in action, (crampons fitted!) to dig trenches forming the letters and plant the Carlton  Daffodil bulbs which hopefully will complete the wording  EXMOUTH IN BLOOM in the steep bank and be visible this Spring. It may of course take a few years to completely naturalise and develop but we are crossing our fingers that this very hard and challenging job (needing chocolates to sustain us!) will bring a smile to all who see it and we volunteers especially look forward to seeing it ‘blooming’.

Nearly finished!

All done and Richard is feeling on top of the world!