Countdown to Judging Day 2019

An excellent workparty (as always) on Sunday, when 15 volunteers tackled 6 areas in the town, tidying and keeping on top of the chickweed that is rampant, with seedlings everywhere. Gerry hit individually deadheading the thrift at the Swan bed. It took her two hours! Carol and Yvonne went through the Manchester Road planters with a fine-tooth comb. Jenny and Liz were in The Strand, preparing the Buddleia corral for imminent mulching, while Graham, Lloyd, Peter and David did the same at the Cobbled Verge. The rest of us, Julia, Elaine, Annette, Marion, Sheila and Jean attacked the Wavy Bed where the summer planting has sadly not been thriving this year. We think the problem is that despite the rain and being watered, the root balls have dried out. So we fetched the hoses and gave them all an individual soaking. We are crossing our fingers that this will work.  We finished the morning at the  Waterwheel, which had a good weed and tidy, although we have set aside part of this area for wildlife and will be installing a Blue Heart there. Well done Blue team!