The Great Rolle Street Blitz.

Exmouth in Bloom came together with Clean Streets Exmouth and the Town Team representatives to give Rolle Street a face lift. We helped attack the weeds, some of them knee high, washed shop fronts and doorways and swept pavements right up to the shops’ building lines to discourage more weeds growth. We were hardly surprised that although all the shop owners were told that this clean was going on, none arrived to help, although one was actually painting his shop front that morning. The shopkeepers will be getting a note asking to please help maintain this new pristine look by sweeping  and wiping down the  shop fronts regularly. We will know from weed growth, in the next three weeks, just who has and who hasn’t been doing this! For more of the action, check out the video on Exmouth Community UK Facebook page.





















and  lovely to see a little tucked away gem…..a bit of history on the side of one of the buildings.