30.11.22: Bulb planting with EDDC. Round 2 – Manor Gardens.

Today’s venue for bulb planting was in Manor Gardens, another rare treat,  where 10 Bloomers were met by EDDC’s Russell Giblett. We started in the Box Parterre and spread a few hundred mixed Narcissi and Aliums in drifts. Russell then scattered Tennis ball sized Alium bulbs, (having first given us a very confident juggling display!) and we got stuck in with burying them all.

We moved on to The Mike Vine Bed, right in the centre of the Gardens and did much the same there planting in drifts as per Russell’s plans and scattering Aliums.

Finally we just had enough time to plant a good mix of Daffs and Aliums in the small bed in front of the Public Loos where Pete, one of the gardeners joined us, before it was time for a break and a cuppa.

That’s a total of 36 ‘man’ hours that our Bloom volunteers have worked, helping EDDC in the last two days so we will certainly look forward to seeing the results of our hard work come the Spring.

Footnote: All the leaves were either picked up by Adam, the gardening team leader, on the mower, or  swept up from the pathways by the mini road sweeper.


Val, Sue and Paul were not in this final photo as they had other commitments and had to whizz off !