30.10.22: Winter planting runs like clockwork.

It’s always an early start before first light for Winter planting day and although the forecast was dire the rain held off and it was unseasonably warm. Elaine’s blow by blow  timings and instructions worked perfectly with Simon and Tim Boyce arriving smack on time at 7 am  with nearly 1800 plants.  Wallflowers, Bellis Daisies, Gold Nugget Primulas and Violas are the choice this year. These were unloaded in 19 minutes flat! The sorting began  into our blue bags,  for ease of carrying , using Marion’s Planting plans for every bed, boat, trough and planter,  before the first  of the volunteers arrived for an 8.30 am start. Gerry ran plants by car to the top of Marine Way for  volunteers to plant and work their way down the five boats there.

In total a brilliant team of 28 volunteers, all arriving at staggered times, trundled bags, barrows and the trolley, some planting, some watering  but working like a well oiled machine.  We were all done by 10.00 am, in time to tidy everything away and get spruced up to form a guard of honour at our late President, Pat Graham’s funeral. Pat would certainly have been mighty proud of our efforts.

Sorry we didn’t get photos of everyone!