30.01.22: We welcome new volunteers at our end of Jan. work party.

What a morning. Thank you all so much. 18 Volunteers arrived for the January end of month Work Party.

Welcome to Peter and Pauline who were ‘first timers’ today. Hope you were not too overwhelmed.

It is just so incredible what this wonderful team can achieve. With this number we were able to split up and cover far more than was  intended or planned…

A cut back of the edges of the Triangle Bed where the shrubs were encroaching onto the walkway.

A bit of a makeover of the rampant hedges on the Cobbled Verge before the birds start to nest. The ladies on ‘wheelbarrow duty’ Linda and Val, did a sterling job transferring the huge bags of green waste across the road via the underpass, to where Streetscene had agreed the pickup point.

The Waterwheel now looks fabulous with Liz doing her weekly pond paddle in her wellies to remove fallen leaves and debris and netting duck weed. Barbara and Bill joined her to tidy up and to re-home some plants there from  Alexandra Terrace.

We also managed litter picks everywhere we went. Great to see our ‘Mystery Man’, George, who had completed a litter pick of the Seafront Gardens and London Inn Car Park before joining us in the Strand.

Then it was time, for those who could stay, for coffee in the sunshine!

Our very newest recruit, Bertie Bloomer, (created and made by talented Volunteer Jacquie Wheeler), visited today to show off his EiB uniform. He even has our logo on his coat if you look carefully. He will be starting his ‘ Bertie’s Blooming Adventures’ with us shortly.

Welcome to Peter and Pauline who started their Bloom journey with us today and welcome back Alison.

Pruning back the shrubs encroaching onto the path.

All the green waste had to be bagged up ready for collection and recycling by Streetscene.


Les and Peter and some of the ‘girls’ got to work on trimming the hedge row.The trimmings from the back of the Cobbled Verge were gathered up from the underpass ramp.

Over the last few weeks Liz has been emptying the Waterwheel pond of leaves and weed, leaving the  debris on the side for several days to allow the mini beasts to crawl back into the water.  Today it was all gathered up ready for recycling.