29.10.21: Golly what a day! Winter planting complete.

What a day! 

The forecast was for heavy rain, so our army of volunteers, who had signed up for Winter Planting, were warned to come in full waterproofs. 

However, as happens quite often here in Exmouth,  the forecast was totally inaccurate because after a dull start the sun shone on us. 

Elaine, Liz, Bill, Barbara and Marion were out before dawn with a trolley, tools and three wheelbarrows to take  the plant delivery from Simon Boyce  and sort the plants according to Marion’s planting plans.

From 8.30 am, Elaine’s staggered schedule of ‘gardeners’ kicked into operation and in total 27 volunteers worked to fill  all 47  planters, troughs, boats and beds in the   The Station Welcome Zone,  the 30m long Wavy bed, The Magnolia Centre, The Strand, The Leisure Centre area, the Station platform and the length of Marine Way.  All finished by 11.15….. a new record time!  Just brilliant! 

The Magnificent Twenty Seven were:

Marion, Elaine, Liz, Bill, Barbara, Gerry, Kate, Michael, Jackie C, Val, Judy,    Richard B, Mike, Dee, Peter, Jill, Sue G, Linda C, Linda T, Linda G, Josie, Valerie,  Pam, Helen, Les, Jenny and Carol ( who kept guard!)

Thank you all so much for your help.

Extra thanks go to Kate who went off out to plant the Dinan Way boat after she’d finished her tasks.

We were unable to get a ‘whole group’ photo as volunteers came and went as they were available, but here is a selection of jolly photos from the morning.