29.09.21: Meet our Grower: Boyce’s of Manstree

How fortunate we are to be able to sit down for coffee and home-made cake with the person that supplies Exmouth in Bloom’s plants, local grower, Boyce’s of Manstree.

We have had three years of the gloriously clashing ‘Bollywood’ colour scheme in the town.

2018……..a ‘practice run’ for our National entry, 2019….. Nationals cancelled due to Covid 19 and 2020….. National entries submitted online with no physical judging presence, so we decided it was worth running a few possible colour scheme ideas by Simon Boyce at the Nursery.

Big secret what we have decided on……. but the fresh new colours will be revealed in May/June next year for what we hope will be third time lucky for our National Britain in Bloom entry, representing the South West in the Large Town category.