29.05.20 Marvellous Mystery Helper

THANK YOU to our mystery helper!

By default, many years ago, Exmouth in Bloom adopted a brick planter which divides the London Inn Car park from the Magnolia Shopping Centre. We have planted this up twice a year since and have even painted metal parking posts near it. It has a very persistent Fennel plant in it which seems to thrive there despite us trying to remove it! During lockdown, as everywhere, it has been neglected, but some very kind, mystery person has recently planted it up with a rose, petunias and a fuchsia! Thank you, whoever you are. Having been given permission from EDDC, Exmouth Bloomers will now be planting in the town on 11th June and if the mystery person would like to have some more plants to boost the show further please get in touch through the Contact tab. We will have them ready for you!

By the way we love the caterpillar smile stone too.