29.01.23: Last workparty of January feels Spring-like!

Last workparty of the month and we headed  to the seafront for a morning  at the Sensory Garden to find that the  Streetscene team had already  been busy there and had done a great job mowing and edging-up the borders  during the week. So we tackled a spot of weeding, tidied some of the frost-damaged plants, scraped up moss on the walkway behind the Pavilion Theatre and swept up sand that had blown from the beach and gathered between the pavement and the wall and down the steps to the garden.

Then we moved on to the Alexander Terrace area, (grass had been mown in Adam’s signature straight lines!!!), spruced up the boat and the planted areas and swept more sand from the walkways.

All in all a very happy and satisfying morning for 15 of the Blue Team who enjoyed a warm (double figures) ‘spring- like’ morning and views of a flat calm sea.