28.10.23: Children beat the adults in the Sunflower Growing Challenge 2023!

Well done to all the entrants who sent in photos of their sunflowers. There were some real whoppers amongst the winners!


Over 18 age group

Highly Commended : Alison Shepherd1.45 m or 4ft 7 inches

3rd place  Pauline and Peter Vince. 2.55m or 8ft 4 inches

2nd place Richard Blood 3.05 m or 10 feet

1st place Emma Roberts 3.20 m or 10ft 6 inches

    Alison Shepherd                                 Pauline and Peter Vince

  Richard Blood                                          Emma Roberts


Under18 age group

Highly commended: Iona Vague  aged 6,   2.24m or 7ft 4 inches

3rd Place : Ember Sidney aged 2,    2.86m or 9ft 4inches, 

2nd Place: Rae Baker Nicholas aged 10,  9ft 4.5 inches or 2.88m   

1st Place: Aaron   Aged 10   14ft 3 inches or 4.34m

                   Iona Vague                                               Ember Sidney


             Rae Baker -Nicholas                                        Aaron Kinsman- Nesbitt



Over 18 age group 

2nd Place: Emma Roberts 16 cms or 6.2 inches

1st Place:  Della Cannings  30 cms  or 12 inches

                                  Della Cannings

Under 18 age group.

Highly Commended Ember Sydney 18cms or 7 inches

3rd Place: Iona Vague 21cms or 8.5 inches

2nd Place: Rae Baker Nicholas, 25.4 cms or 10 inches

1st Place: Faith aged 10, 41 cms or 16 inches

                  Ember Sidney                                                        Iona Vague


             Rae Baker-Nicholas                                                    Faith Snell



Highly Commended

Rae Baker Nicholas, Ember Sydney, Littleham Gardening Club, 

Jennie Cooley and Iona, Alison Shepherd, Emma Roberts,

Della Cannings, Richard Blood, Pete and Pauline Vince, 

Overall Winner of sunflowers in the garden