28.05.21: Summer Planting Day with help from Exeter Road School.

Exmouth in Bloom have extensive areas of wild flowers and sustainable planting that we maintain throughout the year, but we also have a number of spaces, planters and troughs for traditional summer annuals which give an extra splash of colour welcoming visitors and residents into town. We try to choose plants that are drought tolerant and that the pollinators love. The plants are grown on for us by Boyces Nurseries in unheated polytunnels. Tim Boyce delivered our order whilst the birds were still singing the dawn chorus! We have timings down to a fine art now, with 18 volunteers arriving at staggered times so that the demand for the trolley, wheelbarrows and watering equipment can be accommodated in the different areas and by different teams. Les came along at the end to neaten off the ‘ No mow May grass’  away from the sponsorship signs on the boats. This year we also had two boats (Gertrude and Pat Graham), planted up by excited Yr 1 children from Exeter Road  Primary School, as part of their term’s project. They did a jolly good job and really enjoyed themselves as you can see. The whole lot was finished in time for lunch.

Thank you and well done to all!  (Apologies if we didnt get photos of everyone).

From organised chaos to some lovely planting! Hurray!