28.04 24: End of April sunshine for the Workparty

Sunshine for almost the whole morning for the  end of April workparty but still that cold wind off the estuary so we were  still all wrapped up!  Special welcome to two new volunteers, Kathy and Tom  who joined the gardening team today and  soon showed what great willing workers they are.
It was a general weed and tidy session but we made a somewhat spur of the moment decision to pull up the Winter planting from the Wavy bed. Few of those plants have thrived this year due to the weather conditions and the border has become patchy, so plants have been lifted and  offered to the public  today.  We have dug the areas over,  so with some slow release feed they will be ready for some summer colour in 3 weeks or so.
We finished up in The Strand having diverted by the Strand roundabout to tackle some knee high thistles before they ‘blow’ and then on to the Dinosaur paddocks for an edge up and weed. (Could do with a quick mow if possible before No Mow May please EDDC!)
Exmouth was jam packed with visitors today with a Gate to Plate food event and a Rugby festival today. We had lots of compliments and thanks for our efforts in the town too. So as we always say… we were well paid in praise today.
Great work  and big thanks everyone.