28.01.24: Back in the saddle for the first Workparty of the year.

It was great to get in ‘back the saddle’ so to speak with the first work party of the year this morning. (The early January date was cancelled due to bitter cold and a biting wind off the  Estuary). It was  certainly a heads down, bottoms up day for the 14 (and  very important half), plus Lucy the dog and Trevor the dinosaur! We welcomed new Volunteer Fran, who got straight down to work with the team, weeding and tidying in the Station area and then round to the Strand.  Sadly we have had quite a few plant losses to the cold, wet weather.Emma, Paul and Alison also tackled  the remains of a plastic bag that had been in one of the trees for weeks. Quite a challenge but a success. Thank you to you all for your excellent work today…..we made a big difference  as always. Also thank you to all the passers by who stopped to thank us for  being us! We were well paid in praise today.