27.05.22: Planting Day arrives…and what a day it was!

It’s not every day that we have 25 volunteers (all at the same time), champing at the bit wanting to help on Planting Day, but fortunately Elaine has the logistics and timetabling down to a fine art now.  The first team started at 6.30am, bringing the trolley, barrows, tools and watering cans, to meet our plant grower Simon Boyce with the delivery. Sorting of the 1425 plants onto the planting plans followed and between 8.30 and 9.30 the staggered arrival of helpers swung into action. Carol stayed at ‘base camp’ the whole time (and amazingly collected £27 in donations incidentally). We made good use of the new water butts. Gerry delivered plants to far flung places by car. The barrows had ‘hot wheels’ and when groups had finished planting they went to tackle the weeds in the pavers in Manchester Road. All was completed by 10.15 when Mrs Sperry’s Class 1 from Exeter Road Primary School arrived to plant the 9 planters in the newly weeded area.

What a great experience for them, how proud they were and what a GREAT DAY for us all!

Apologies that we were not able to get a whole workparty photo today!