27.02.22: Wild Flower Patch improvements started.

Last year we tidied up a small neglected area behind the Sewage Pumping Station and created a Wild flower Patch, (with seed donated from Wild Exmouth), adding a Dead hedge for Beetles in late Spring. The result was really beautiful, as you can see in the photos. However the flower selection grew unsuitably tall for the position and got flattened down across the pathway with summer storms. Consequently it had to be supported with stakes.

The plan is to re-seed the area with a lower growing mix that contains a variety of wild flowers and annuals that will not only give a longer flowering period but should not require support either.

Today, 15 of our regular workparty volunteers ‘turfed’ last year’s seeded wild flowers that are beginning to grow and moved them to a more sheltered area beyond the Dead Hedge, where we hope they will thrive.  The team did a fantastic job, working together in a narrow space! All done in an hour.

The Patch will be re-seeded in the next few weeks.

Last year’s show was beautiful.

But the show had to be supported.Today the self-seeded flowers are all coming through.

We turfed them as best we could and re-planted them in a more sheltered position.

All ready for re-seeding now. NB The turfs are now beyond the Dead Hedge.