26.06.20 Showcase Union Jack planting at Ocean

As Exmouth had been chosen to represent the South West in the National Britain in Bloom competition this year, we asked EDDC if we could plant up the showcase bed opposite Ocean. Permission was granted and it was decided that as a tribute to 75 years since VE and VJ days, plus supporting our British Olympic team that a Union Jack flag would be appropriate. So back in January, Graham Bell drew up a working plan and we discussed the types and numbers of plants to order.

Then the crunch came when both Britain in Bloom judging and the Olympics were postponed until July 2021 due to Covid 19. However with some restrictions lifted, Exmouth in Bloom proudly and with determination, went ahead with their summer planting scheme regardless and here is the fabulous result step by step.

Just look how the colour has developed in just 2 weeks since it was planted!