26.03.22: Exmouth’s Big Spring Clean.

Exmouth in Bloom Volunteers, along with representatives from a number of local groups such as Walk and Talk and Plastic Free Exmouth, were all out in force for the Big Spring Clean in the town. Our trolley was loaded with water, buckets, sponges, brooms, long weeding tools and pretty much anything else needed for cleaning the Magnolia Shopping Centre, which we had chosen as our patch! Liz Oram, the organiser, checked us in and we all set to, doing what EiB does best……Making a Difference. Well done and thank you to our wonderful team. Not the nicest job in the world but we still had a lot of fun. 

Nice soapy wash for the planters and bins!

Many of the shops just need a lick of paint to finish the  cared-for look.