25.10.21: Getting ready for Winter planting.

Hurrah for us!

Look closely and the newly awarded  S.W. in  Bloom 2021 ‘Gold’ flag was flying proudly over the Wavy Bed as we were working today.  Having been rained off the planned session yesterday, this was a zero notice situation and an amazing team of 15 turned out  to clear the Summer plants ready for Winter planting this coming Friday. A number of locals came to help themselves to some of the plants to rehome in their  own gardens too. The gorgeous Violet and Orange Pinto Geraniums were especially popular.

It usually takes several sessions to achieve what we did today, but with such a large team we were able to have 4 groups working in all the key areas and we managed the whole job in one hit. Well done again Blue team!

We also welcomed our newest recruit, Alison, today. She brought warm sunshine with her!