25.06.24: Annual hedge trim on The Cobbled Verge and a blitz of The Triangle bed.

Another morning of hard work at a Pop-up workparty.  Mark and Noel arrived to give the hedges on the Cobbled Verge  their annual trim, so a team of 8 volunteers came to help gather up all the clippings and at the same time gave the Triangle bed a thorough tidy.  A huge number of Guernsey Fleabane, Willowherbs and Thistles of all varieties, had taken over in the planted areas alongside the underpass  so those were also dealt with.  A very large bag of cans, bottles and  food containers were extracted from the undergrowth too. Why do people think it’s OK to discard litter like this?  However a great result as you can see.  Well done Team EiB and  big thanks to Adam who came along from Streetscene to collect the massive pile of gardening waste for recycling.