25.05.23: Refreshed planting at The Waterwheel.

Not an easy task today helping EDDC refresh the planting in The Waterwheel. We gave the perennial geraniums the ‘Chelsea  Chop’ as they were getting straggly and pulled out sow thistles  and sticky weed which, given a chance, would easily take over the whole area.. Russell, Simon and Pete planted some specialist dry and shade loving plants for this area under the Magnolia trees. Despite there being 8 of us working in the area, the wildlife  just got on with what it does best. Blackbirds singing and bathing in the pond, doves and pigeons taking a drink at the pond margins, the squirrel ran up on the top of the wheel for a drink of water and a pair of robins were choosing small insects to feed their young. How wonderful  and diverse is this little patch of wild right in town.