23.05 23: Manchester Road spruced up and planters emptied ready for planting day.

This morning we had 10  super volunteers  who turned up to empty the Manchester Road Planters including a new recruit Emma with her daughter Evelyn and Trevor, the dinosaur!  Steve from Kings arrived with compost to top up all the planters and in between the team weeded the pavers and up against  house walls. The planters had a soapy wash and rinse too so the road is looking clean and tidy and ready for Exeter Road  School  Yr1  to plant up on Friday.

Lots of locals responded to the ‘free plants’ post on Facebook and  amazingly all the plants have been rehomed except for half a bagful which were looking the worse for wear!

Trevor got scrubbed in a bucket of water too as he’d been helping with digging the compost over!