24.11.19 Here, There and Everywhere

An amazing 15 of us turned out to do a spot of clearing today and were joined by Carol, Yvonne and Sharon at the end of the session, in front of a roaring fire in Wetherspoons. Perfect!

As these photos show………we were here, we were there, we were everywhere!

Planting  HERE in The Strand, re-homing a few hundred Daffodils and Tulips donated by EDDC and a local resident.

We cleared copious amounts of fallen leaves for composting and took off the leaves from our 12 troughs to reveal the winter planting.

Jenny and Co. got cracking with sweeping up the leaves right behind the bins THERE.

The planters got a de-weed EVERYWHERE, as did the tree bases and the pavers.

All that was done and there was still some time left, so we made a start on one of the projects for this coming year, ‘Greening a Grey area’ outside Exmouth Rugby Club. It’s going to look great by the time it’s all finished!

Then finally  a welcome hot drink at The Powder Monkey.