24.09.23: October’s end of month workparty in the Sensory Garden.

A big ‘thank you’ to the 8 and a ‘half’ and Lucy, the dog,  who all came to give the Sensory Garden  a weed and tidy today. Really breezy on the seafront but surprisingly sheltered and warm down in the sunken gardens. The borders are  quite surprisingly bursting with colour again where the wild flowers from the May flowering have self seeded and  are blooming again.  Evelyn picked some green tomatoes  for  her Mummy to try her hand at making chutney. She informed us that if we put a red tomato with the green ones then the green ones will turn red as well. This child of 4  is very savvy and has the makings of a  very good little gardener.

So glad to see that the  accessible ramp has been  adjusted so that the  sit on mower can  come down and turn onto the garden at the bottom now.