24.03.24: End of March workparty brought forward to avoid Easter.

We tackled a really BIG job this morning and thank goodness 19 volunteers arrived for the work party including new recruit Kate who moved to Exmouth in November last year and is now ready to make some new friends and be part of our Bloom team. Welcome Kate.
Today’s task was to cut down the grasses and miscanthus  in the Wavy bed, Triangle bed and to prune back the Cornus in the Strand.         At the end  of the session  we  all helped to trim down the Buddlieas where our gorgeous Winter troughs are blooming. George, Evelyn and Rich were the major litter pickers today. You wouldn’t believe how much  rubbish……bottles, glasses, food containers, cans, plastic wrapping, crisp bags, and bottle tops….. all were hiding under the grasses!
Social cuppa and catch up when we finished of course.

Sunny but a jolly cold wind today!
Thank you  to all the locals and visitors who praised us for our work this morning and well done to EVERYONE. We  certainly accomplished a huge amount today.