24.02.23: Another New Forest is planted by Exeter Road Primary School on the Imperial Recreation Ground

Another tree planting day!

Russell Giblett, EDDC’s Green Spaces Officer and a group  of Year 5 children from Exeter Road Primary School plus two children on half term from Cheshire, were joined by Bloom volunteers to help plant another 230 saplings, this time on Imperial Recreation Ground. The saplings have been chosen for their tolerance to the salt laden winds on Imperial Rec. This exposed place is on reclaimed land down on the  Exe estuary between Camperdown Creek and the wildlife refuge area known as The Duckpond. Digging the holes in the ground here was tricky with the subsoil soon becoming stony. The planting was completed with  each of the children labelling one of the trees  they had planted  and pegging a mulch mat around the  tree bases.

Another new ‘forest’  of native trees planted in Exmouth today which will help to capture  an extra 33,OOO kgs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

Great team work yet again today.