23.11.23: Exmouth and Littleham in Bloom join forces on a project.

Graham Bell has led a Gardening Club  at Littleham School for 10 years now and is desperately looking for regular back up help in the form of a local resident  to assist with the  enthusiastic school children  who turn up every week to learn how to grow  and harvest  salad items and vegetables, many of which are then used by the cooks  who make the school meals.

Today Volunteers we’re joined by Littleham in Bloom members to help clear the  raised beds, the pumpkin patch and weed and tidy the Quiet Garden.   A big ‘Thank you’ to you all.

What a great team today and a huge plus…….the sun shone and the sky was blue.

If you could spare some time to give back to the community by helping children at the Gardening Club please email us via the Contact Us tab above.