23.01.22: We prepare the original Alexandra Terrace bed ready for new planting.

Since we completed the  super planting of the new bed near the Flood Gates in Alexandra Terrace in August, (News item 17.08.21), we have decided it will make sense to extend the same planting into the original bed, (Sponsored by Thompson Jenner Accountants), near to the crossing area. It’s really quite a small area so just a few Committee members met to do the work and under the guidance of Graham have cleared the ground, leaving some of the perennials and shrubs and re-homing others in the town. In a couple of months, after  the chance of any of winter storms has passed, we will pop in sustainable plants matching the theme of the new bed. We are sure this will really enhance the whole area there.

The bed by the Flood Gates

The original bed by the crossing.

(note the new bed leading up to the Flood Gates)

Tidying up.

All ready for planting.