22.07.22: Our Tribute Boat thanks Hospiscare for 40 years of care.

For the past few years, Exmouth in Bloom has set aside one of the boat displays for a ‘Tribute’¬† to celebrate various milestone anniversaries for national or local organisations. In the past, 100 years of the Devon W.I., 100 years of the International Red Cross, and 100 years of the British Legion¬† have been depicted with flowers in some way. This year we have celebrated Hospiscare’s 40th anniversary with a tree-shaped display with Rosemary, Heucheras, and Begonias.

We were so pleased that Toni Hiscocks from Hospiscare came today to thank us for helping to celebrate their birthday. She explained that Hospiscare have had a very difficult few years and that many patients had slipped through the net for treatment during Covid and that this has sadly resulted in a sudden rise for requests for care.

We are glad to help promote Hospiscare in this small way.