22.05.24: The Rockery emerges at the Sensory Garden

So very exciting…. The Rockery at the rear of the Sensory Garden has been cleared  and rehoming of Alpines, Succulents and Ivy harvested from our Winter displays has started.  The clearance was completed  by Urban Earth, who have been involved with the Sensory Garden from the outset. A special water feature is also being installed thanks to EIB volunteer and Committee member Gillie Newcombe and Exmouth Art Group.  

Well done and thanks go to all the volunteers who have worked on this project and  particularly to Graham Bell who has negotiated the work with Urban Earth. 

Still some work to do on this project but all shaping up nicely and the Sensory Garden  is looking ‘blooming’ fabulous right now.

The first photo shows how it had overgrown through neglect.