22.01.23: Thanks go to our very own ‘Lady’ Marmalade

Since 2017, Sharon has been making Marmalade as part of our fundraising efforts. Over the years she has headed a team of volunteers, who have produced Jam and Chutney and occasionally Pickled onions and even Piccalilli all made from donated friut and vegetables.  Sharon has been at the head of ‘quality control’ all this time, designing labels for each batch of jars, listing the ingredients  for the customers to make their choices and popping floral or Xmassy tops on the jars to add to the appeal. The Marmalade and Preserves are a very important and integral part of our year round fundraising with returning customers keen to recycle their old jars and restock with delicious home made products. In 2022  alone, the Preserves team produced 515 jars which raised an incredible £1138.40.

How marvellous is that?

We have taken the opportunity for fundraising stalls, indoors and outdoors, at the The Repair Cafe, (which moved from Tower Street Methodist Church, to All Saints in Exeter Road and more recently to Littlemead Methodist Church).  We have had Table Top Sales, during and since Covid 19, at Town Centre events and Festivals and organised numerous Coffee mornings where preserves have always ‘flown off the shelves’.

This year Sharon has decided it’s time to take a step back and hand over the reins of the production line to others on the Committee. She will still be keeping an eye out that high standards are being aherred to, but we will do our best to carry on her legacy.

Thank you Sharon for your amazing contribution. You will always be our ‘Lady’ Marmalade.