21.08.22: Work Party Team breathes happiness back into the Sensory Garden.

A wonderful  team of 13 EiB volunteers arrived at a rather sad Sensory Garden, as the intense heat has ravaged many of the plants and has taken its toll on the new trees, but a bit of TLC and a great deal of effort  soon put the borders right. Unfortunately, the trees are not so easily rectified, but we have left the garden looking loved having worked there this morning. What a fantastic venue this is, right on the sea front.

We welcomed  new volunteer Sue on her first workparty. Sue’s family donated our lovely newest boat, ‘Granny’s Delight’, which now sits proudly near Alexandra Terrace.

What a beautiful place this is.

The garden, the day before the workparty, looking rather sad…but alive!

Work commenced on the paths and long borders.

The main borders were weeded and edged up.

Some cutting back and dead heading was needed.

The sunflowers are taller than our volunteers now!

….and a final sweep up!

As you can see, the wild flower seed is growing again already. All tidy……job done!

Bags ready for Streetscene to pick up.

Our rather sad-looking Jubilee tree will be getting some additional extra attention.