20.12.20: The ‘Preserves’ team hits new heights.

Since 2017, Exmouth in Bloom have a small team of volunteers, inspired by Sharon, our Secretary, who have sourced free seasonal produce from friends’ allotments, or from their own gardens and have made delicious preserves to sell on our Stalls. This year they have been especially hard at work and have produced (and sold) more than 500 jars of Jam, Jelly, Marmalade, and Chutney.

Donated jars are gathered up from many sources and Sharon cuts out seasonal decorative material lid covers, writes ingredients stickers, weighs and then prices all the jars before they get displayed on the stalls for sale.

This year alone Sharon has made 168 jars of Marmalade, Alison 151 jars of Jam. Elaine was the Chutney queen with 133 jars, Dee produce 40 jars of jam and chutney combined, Marion 8 jars of chutney and Graham 8 jars of plum jam. An amazing accomplishment you’ll agree!

Fundraising is how we roll when we aren’t gardening and we welcome more offers of produce  and  ‘jam makers’ to join the team in 2021.