20.03.22: Win Win on the Re-useable Waste Bag front!

Although our ‘green’ waste gets recycled and composted at the huge Greendale Recycling Centre in Exeter, we have been very keen to do away with our volunteers having to use plastic bags (albeit ones that used to contain compost and soil improver), for our weeds and gardening waste.  So thinking out the box we looked to acquiring some strong, re-usable bags with handles.  With the environment in mind and thinking out the box, we contacted IKEA about supplying us with 30 of their super blue shopping bags, (enough for everyone at any workparty to have their own and a few extras left over).  EDDC Streetscene agreed with the plan that we would then leave the filled bags at certain pick up points, for Streetscene to collect in their super new Electric low loaders, take to the local depot to empty and then save the bags in a safe spot, for us to pick up next time we were passing.

Not only did Katie and Sammie from IKEA think it was a great Community and Environmental idea but they arrived the very next day to hand over 30 bags, free of charge.

They were able to witness the whole system work, when 15 enthusiastic volunteers turned up for a work party on Thursday morning, filled the bags and Andy from Streetscene  popped along to complete the  story!

The whole idea has worked like a dream.  A real ‘win win’ situation.

Thanks to IKEA and EDDC Streetscene for all your help with this ‘project’.

I am certain this will be an idea other Bloom groups will be very keen to follow.

The bags are wonderfully managable.

Pick up point by the Wavy bed.

Andy got help from  IKEA’s  Katie and Sammie  to load the bags.

All loaded and off to the Camperdown Depot.Bags emptied onto the green waste pile.

Saved bags given back to Exmouth in Bloom for re-use. Hurrah!

Service with a smile. Thanks Andy and special thanks to IKEA too.