18.11.21: National Tree Week and Exmouth Tree Project calls for volunteer help.

We love to get involved with other local  groups who are working to improve the Exmouth environment and here is something that our volunteers will be helping the   Woodland Trust/Exmouth Tree Project with.

Hello there fellow tree-huggers 🌳💚😏

  1. Volunteers needed for Liverton Copse tree planting weekend of December 4th / 5th, 10am – 3pm.

Save the Dates: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th December 2021, “Join The Woodland Trust and local volunteers at Liverton Copse during National Tree Week to help plant 300 trees. Liverton Copse has been affected with ash dieback disease and many ash trees will soon be lost, by planting a diverse range of tree species in the understorey we can ensure that this wonderful woodland has a future for both people and wildlife”.

If possible, please bring your own spade (some will be available), gardening gloves, warm / waterproof clothing and drink / snacks.

Car parking is quite limited as the main entrances to the copse are within a residential area off Normandy Close




Plenty of buses go up Salterton Road / Dinan Way / Lidl area: https://www.gettingaroundexmouth.org/buses

Please email exmouthtreeproject@gmail.com if you think you can help out on either day.

Old map © 2021 National Library of Scotland / British Library


    The new Orchard Trail in North Exmouth includes orchards planted at Point in View Meadow (by A la Ronde) on Summer Lane,  Lower Halsdon Farm (the path leading from Exeter Road to the cycle trail) and Carter Avenue Park on the corner by the bridge over the flood channel. Most of these were planted in 2020 and additional trees were planted this year at Lower Halsdon Farm orchard and a small orchard at Garrett Close in Brixington.
    Trees include apples, pears, plums, cherries, quince and greengage and have been chosen to fruit at different times of the Autumn and to adapt to the changing climate (such as the apricots). In addition, 7 trees were planted in people’s gardens as part of the ‘Constellation Orchard’ scheme to offer free fruit trees in the Littlemead area (to join the dots between these three main planting areas). A number of these trees are in front gardens and visible if you walk and cycle between the main orchards. Most of the trees are doing well. These new trees will support more pollinators, biodiversity and provide food for humans and wildlife in years to come.
    Orchard Guardians are a group of people working together to look after the trees – this includes keeping an eye on the health of the young trees, particularly in the first few years, visiting the site from time to time, passing on information if you notice any problems, occasional watering during periods of severe drought and some maintenance (alongside other Orchard Guardians). There are two or more Orchard Guardians on each site and it’s a great way to get involved with others caring for a community resource, being outdoors and learning new skills. We will run a free fruit tree pruning day for Orchard Guardians in March 2022.
    Contact Anne-Marie, mail@amculhane.co.ukto find out more about becoming an Orchard Guardian.

Carter Avenue Orchard. Photo © Wild Exmouth 2021


  1. Exmouth’s school children are planting trees. 

A message from Jane: Exmouth’s community vision for a mass planting of trees by our Primary School children has finally taken off.

Jane says “My vision comes not only from my love of trees but from a desire to equip children with a positive response to Climate Change issues. I hope to help them not only to learn more about the benefits of a deeper relationship with nature and a basic understanding of the role of trees in capturing carbon but for them to feel empowered and part of a bigger plan for the planet.”

We are planting trees with three primary schools in Exmouth so far this autumn and have plans to add to that number.

One of the first tasks will be to jointly identify suitable spaces and ask for that permission. We have a team of Tree Buddies to help the children to plant the trees as and when needed, to take responsibility to ensure that a few of the trees you have planted are watered and cared for too.
For more information or to join the team, please email Jane at rtjane56@hotmail.co.uk

Photo © Wild Exmouth


All the best, and hope to see some of you at Liverton Copse